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Acta Scientia Plantarum (ASP)

Acta Scientia Plantarum (ASP) is a leading and rigorously peer-reviewed journal of Pakistan that seeks to advance our understanding of plant sciences. ASP is an open-access journal in the frontline of disseminating and communicating scientific knowledge and impactful discoveries to researchers, academics, policymakers, and the public worldwide. The Editor-in-Chief Dr. Muhammad Waseem and Dr. Mehtab Muhamad Aslam at the University of Narowal, Pakistan, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong are supported by an outstanding and renowned editorial team. Plant Science is extremely interdisciplinary in the broad areas of experimental plant biology. In the modern era of science, plant science is of the utmost importance for securing humankind's future well-being. Plants are a diverse source of food, animals feed, provide oxygen, materials for shelter and survival, and provide raw materials for industry and pharmaceutics. An interdisciplinary knowledge of plant biology reinforces our ability to both utilize and improve plants for sustainable production of food, biofuel, and renewable biomaterials, as well as better understand their role in the environment.